My name is Laurent AKOA,i have been teaching for several years in high schools of Yaoundé, Cameroon. It is the fruit of the hope welcoming centers. Thanks to “mom sister, I became a man and I can pass my knowledge to thousands of Cameroonians. My father died the 30rd September 1991 as a result of HIV/AIDS. I was barely nine years. Due to lack of means, I did not attended school that year.
In the village, my brother and were considered the curse of the family. We were abandoned, rejected and alone, with our sick grandmother.
One morning in August 1992, educators came for me and I was admitted to the multifunctional and temporary center of Efoulan, Yaoundé, Cameroon. To “Bachelor in philosophical letter.” In 2005, I left the specialized school with a Diploma of Professor of philosophy.”

A young college student from Bilingual School of Essos, Yaoundé, I thank the CAES for the remarkable work they do, and I pray to the Lord God to bless all the people who work there.
Someone said, “When you hear beautiful things, do not keep it for yourself” … as I understood your message, I will report it to my peers in high school.I also ask you to come and hold a High school youth conference on the risks and facts of preventing STI / AIDS and opportunistic diseases.
I am all the more enthusiastic about meeting you because, humanist associations, there is !!! But sometimes do not do much and convey false messages, but your message is strong, impacting and the work is palpable “.

My name is Bella Batsogo, I’m a prostitute. I was tested positive in 2007, since then, my family and my friend (s) left me down. Fortunately, with “the sister” and the Hope Welcoming Centers (HWC), life have a new meaning… They’ even recently help my son to come out of jail.