The approach of the Reception Centers is special, the Center for the promotion of socio-economic activities (CEPASE) works in consultation with the communes and villages around Yaounde as well, these are 12 young rural boys and girls Chosen by village chiefs and families, selected through the social surveys that integrated the training in April 2016. All these young people must have access to land and a strong desire to install.

Training in agrosilvopastoral trades is a modular training based on the competency-based approach that awakens learners to production techniques but also to conservation, transformation techniques and sales of agricultural products for the purpose of creating value chains and short marketing channels.

Then the learners are put in real conditions of life on the farm school of the training center while passing by the practical school of agriculture of Binguela (EPAB) training structure of reference in Cameroon which is partner “Centers of Reception of Hope”

By a device of alternation over a year, the learners with their parchments return to apply these techniques on their own parcels.

Material assistance to the facility was granted by the Bikok Commune, consisting of improved wheelbarrows, plates, chicks, piglets and hen houses so that they could be successfully installed. A follow-up of proximity will be carried out jointly by the team made of the managers of the Commune and Centers of Reception of Hope (CAES)

Moreover, by addressing on February 10, 2016 to the Cameroonian youth on the eve of the party dedicated to it, the Head of State, Paul Biya, invited his young compatriots to become “ the agricultural entrepreneurs which Cameroon needs “. “ The earth never betrays. Do not be afraid to take the step (…). It is a noble and remunerative profession of what is known as the real economy “.