Temporary Home Center of Efoulan (THCE), located in the borough of Yaoundé third, once again respected its tradition by organizing the second edition of the grouping of the school year 2017-2018. Indeed, after the departure of the very small primary school in their families to spend the Easter, the Temporary Home Center of Efoulan has redid its toilet of the big days to welcome the young people of secondary, superior and professional trainings supervised in the host families and of origin. Thus the days of 02, 03.04 April 2018 were marked by the presence of thirty young people around their supervisors. This gathering called ” grouping ” was a moment of intense activities ranging from school assessment, to individualized interviews through hosting, educational chat, human investment and celebration. Eucharistic. It was a moment for young people to open up and confide freely to the mentors of their choice and away from family influences. This meeting initiated by the hierarchy and materialized by the supervisors under the guidance of the Director, allowed to proceed to an evaluation of all the aspects of the life of these young people; academically, behaviorally, psychologically and socially. Concerns registered with these young people supported by “Les C entres d’Accueil de l’ESpoir CAES ”, advice that can help them avoid falling into the deviance that has made its bed in our society, has been lavished on them. On this, a string of recommendations has been framed to them to be, young clairvoyants, dynamic and enterprising. For this they have been asked to be in a state of permanent awakening, to radically turn their backs on ease and to seek in a systematic way their full development.

The large family of the Temporary Home Center of Efoulan expressed its satisfaction by making available to young people the clothing effects that they received. graciously offered by the souls of good will.