The Center for the Promotion of Socio-Economic Activities (CPSEA) of Nkoabang, the dismembered structure of the NGO “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir” (CAES) in charge of training vulnerable children in agro-silvo-pastoral professions was in action on Friday, June 19, 2015. The African Action on AIDS association has made a descent in the framework of its mission which is among other things to contribute significantly to the well being of women and rural families and to support vulnerable groups specifically in the prevention of HIV / AIDS, malaria and water-related diseases.

This operation, conducted in a happy way by the dynamic team of this association has allowed to collect a large batch of long-lasting impregnated mosquito nets and a portable drinking station.

After the usual courtesies, the president of African Action on Aids, Mrs. Ruth Bamela Engo, in her speech, placed this ceremony of giving the gifts under the sign of the solidarity, the improvement of the living conditions of the young people vulnerable in general and the girl in particular. Because she occupies a primordial place in her Association. According to her, providing concrete solutions to the major problems of public health is to contribute to the development and well-being of these young people. The distribution of donations was interrupted by the installation of mosquito nets in the dormitories of the learners and a guided tour of CPSEA. For example, she gave many tips to young people about hygiene and safety, as well as vocational training. She later welcomed the project CPSEA and its management team, which since its implementation spares no effort to improve the lives of vulnerable young people. She expressed the wish to see the CPSEA open to girls in order to give them a chance to be independent of men. Finally, she welcomed the frank and lasting collaboration that now exists between the two associations.

The General Coordinator of CAES, the Director of Efoulan Temporary Home Center and the Head of CPSEA strongly mobilized for the occasion expressed their deep gratitude to the President of African Action on AIDS for her multi-faceted support to the Reception Center Temporary Efoulan only CPSEA.

There was certainly emotion in the air, but we will especially remember the pleasure of giving to those young people to whom fate has not yet smiled. The ceremony ended in the early afternoon with a convivial cocktail between the participants.