Arrival for a working visit within the Association “Les Centres d’ Accueil de l’Espoir” (CAES), the delegation of the Luxembourg Association ” Frendeskrees Kamerun ” under the leadership of its president Léon KRAUS established a busy schedule of activities.

So immediately descended from their flight, the evening of April 6, 2015, the time to recover from this long flight, Léon Kraus and his two compatriots, Raymond Brosius and Marcelle Schlroeder were already at the headquarters of the Centres d’ Accueil de l’Espoir ( CAES) for a meeting to make contact with all staff.

The time of civility of use and various expenses, the trio was led to the Efoulan Temporary Home Center (ETHC) for the exchanges as well with the personnel of the Center as with the OVCa supervised in this institution.

The next day 07 April, the cap was put on Nkoabang for a visit to CPSEA to get an idea on the level of progress of this project.

Mainly coming to ensure the evolution of activities within the structures that Frendeskrees Kamerun finances, including the Efoulan Temporary Home Center (ETHC) and the Center for Promotion of Socio-Economic Activities (CPSEA), donors also wanted to take in the work of the community educator. This is how a special conversation was organized on April 13th, 2015 with the Elig-Edzoa District Association of Craftsmen on the theme “HIV-related Malaria”.

Visits to local partners were also planned, mainly with the Binguela Agricultural Practical School (BAPS), and the town of Bikok, a town located not far from Yaounde, to ensure the effectiveness and the continuity of the training project for vulnerable young people in agrosylvo – pastoral professions.

It should be noted that the stay of the delegation Frendeskrees Kamerun was punctuated by recreational areas. In this respect we can mention the recreational evening organized at the ETHC in honor of their illustrious hosts and animated by the OVCa. It is also worth mentioning the tourist getaway to EBOGO, a site located on the outskirts of the city of Mbalmayo.

This rich stay in various activities was completed on the final debriefing on April 16, 2015 during which each other were able to deliver their impressions that suggest the survival of the project noted above.