Back to school 2018-2019: the return of the residents of CATE to the school.

Arrival at the temporary reception center of efoulan ” CATE ” on September 02, 2018 after the holidays, the boarders of the CATE will resume the way to school on Monday, September 03, 2018, return day on the whole extent of the territory.

It is exactly 07:00 when the internship master’s bell rings, asking the children to line up in order of size in front of the gate.

The children in merry class clothes run up and join the ranks where they are given some advice. Under the guidance of the educators en route to the public school Mvolyé Efoulan Group IA where they are installed each with the help of the principal of the school in their respective classes and according to the results obtained after the different level test. Reassured of the presence of all in the classes, the college of educators can then leave the school for the “CATE” while confident of the good follow-up which will be reserved for our OVCs.

We will thus be able to point out that the effectiveness of the new school year 2018-2019 to ” CATE ”.