The return of the holiday of the residents of the Efoulan Temporary Home Center ‘’ ETHC ’’

After 03 months of vacation in the host family and home where the residents were able to relax, the time has come for them to join the Efoulan Temporary Home Center ” ETHC ” to take the train of the 2018-2019 school year.

Sunday 02 September 2018, is the day of the return of interns. It is exactly 14 hours when the first parents and guardians accompanying their children, knock on the portal of the Temporary Reception Center of Efoulan to bring back these young people after 03 months of vacation.

faces happy to have found the places for some and, mines defeated for others to know that the classes resume in a few hours, place is quickly made to formalities of use. The boarders accompanied by the parents and guardians willingly submit to the ritual sanitary control, search and registration as prescribed by the internal regulations of the ” CATE ” ‘.

The modalities of registration include at least; the presentation of certain required documents as well as the signing of a parental commitment. The subsequent excavations focus on the control of the number of clothes, the search for prohibited items, the control of the health status of OVC and the verification of toiletry kits. Weight gain and size are not left out.

The installation of young people in the dormitories is according to whether one is male or female. It is under a glance of admiration that the boarders deeply contemplate the beauty of places relatively pleasant for some. They also perform in the company of their framers, dressing the beds, ranking personal belongings in closets, and visiting the premises.

Parents and guardians are returned home, the framers will hold with the children an interview to build confidence. After this interview the boarders are challenged to practice the virtue of sharing, especially through the pooling of meals brought from their homes.

So confident, young people can go to bed after arranging their bags, ready to face the new school year on Monday, September 03, 2018 from 07:30.