Innovation at CEPASE: New method for securing fish ponds at Nkoabang Center for the Promotion of Socio-Economic Activities (CEPASE)

In the end the time has arrived to make great profits and have better forecasts.

Due to the heavy rains on the Nkoabang lands, the floods swept away all fish from two fish ponds of CEPASE and this left no one indifferent. With this in mind, the SEAGG of the CAES has considered the establishment of a new approach to protect fish in ponds; this approach involves installing a safety net in the pond, which may contain fish during floods and even protect fish from external predators.
We observe the whole team of CEPASE, accompanied by a technician who is in irons and presses to implement the nets in the ponds.
It is not said that the best company is the one that has had bad times and without getting tired by putting good strategies, finished to have a remarkable evolution ie high productivity and accelerated growth.
In view of this innovation, we believe that CEPASE could have a better profitability from fish ponds, even as our nets technique is in its experimental phase.