Hope of the youth: Effectiveness of the back to school 2019/2020 for the residents of the Temporary Reception Center of Efoulan (CATE).

Welcomed at the Temporary Reception Center of Efoulan on Sunday 01 September 2019 by the supervisors after nearly three months of vacation with the family, the boarders returned to school the next day Monday, 02/09/2019, day of Back to school all over the Cameroonian territory.

It is September 02, 2019, It is exactly 6 hours and 45 minutes when the sound of the bell sounds, inviting the children to get on their way to school. For some it was the first time for others a little older it was already lived. For all of you, experienced and dedicated educators provided practical advice for a good school year.
Gay and cheerful, in orange uniform and well-stocked binder, they took the path of public school group I A Efoulan accompanied by their framers. Once at school the formalities of use completed (verifications of the classrooms, the names and the supplies) they followed the first lessons of this school year.
It should be noted here that the schooling of all residents of the CATE, desired and required by the Reverend Sister General Director of Centers of Reception of Hope “CAES”, is in line with the Millennium Development Goals namely ” ensure primary education for all “.
After a full day, the residents returned to the center.