It is on its site of Nkoabang, very modest but which becomes more and more attractive and arousing curiosity, that the 12 CEPASE learners including 03 girls and 09 boys, their teachers and pedagogical team, the Reverend Sister and his collaborators then the representatives of the partner communes (Yaoundé VIème and SOA) and some traditional chiefs met on Friday, May 26, 2017 for the official ceremony.
The event began with the Sister’s welcome, followed by thanks. This first protocol phase honored the representatives of the town halls who came to accompany the children retained in their communities as part of the agro-silvo-pastoral training offered at CEPASE. A meeting rich in emotions marked by the different speeches of the heads of the various delegations. Unanimously, they urged learners to grasp the opportunity offered to them to acquire practical training in a field that does not deceive: “the Earth”. The various officials of the town halls partners did not fail to indicate that by their only success, they will serve as examples with other young people in their village. Reverend Sister praised the new learners’ determination and reminded them that the road to success in the choice they have just made is not easy, but that one of the keys to success lies in disciplined. Discipline without which one can not claim a result in the agro-silvo-pastoral trades which require actors a certain rigor in the work.
After declaring the 2017-2018 training year effective, she invited the learners to follow the head of the Center for their installation in the respective dormitories.
The Coordinator invited the partners and other guests afterwards to a friendly buffet.
Thanks to the mayors of the SOA and Yaoundé VIème communes, to their representatives the Heads of Social Service, to His Majesty the traditional leader of the village Abondo by Soa, and to the other participants, who worked for the success of this ceremony.