Upon arrival, Monseigneur Jean MBARGA a bouquet of flowers was given to him by an OVCa of Efoulan Temporary Home Center then he was greeted by the Reverend Sister General Manager of the NGO.

Subsequently, an address was delivered by the General Coordinator. She presented in a succinct way the various activities carried out by the NGO from its creation to the present day.

After this speech, we went to Mass proper. During this, we note that during his homily, Bishop Jean MBARGA focused on the family he considers as an ideal setting for a child, its development and its relationship with God. From this perspective, it is in a relationship and a family structure that Christians can feel and recognize God better. It is because God is family who is made in his image must act in the interest of it. The Center which is a family structure a community must therefore have benefited from this spirit. This is an opportunity for all of us to manifest and develop mutual support for these OVCa. We all need to (parent / family / staff / donors) continue to support the Center in this momentum.

At the end of this Mass, a guided visit to the photo exhibition stand of the activities of the “Centre d’Accueil de l’Espoir” continued.

The end of the ceremony was punctuated by a convivial meal offered to Monseigneur Jean MBARGA and the guests, as well as by the donation of in-kind donations to the residents of the Center.