On Friday, August 16, 2013, Mr. Christian, a member of Frenderskrees Kamerun heard “Association of Friends of Cameroon of Luxembourg” was welcomed at the “Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir” by the Reverend Sister General Manager of said organization.

Three (03) highlights marked this event. The first step allowed the host of the CAES to visit the headquarters of the association; the second was at the Efoulan Temporary Home Center and the third at the Center for the Promotion of Socio-Economic Activities in Nkoa-Abang.

It should be noted that the Center for the Promotion of Socio-Economic Activities of Nkoa-Abang was the main object of the visit of Mr. CHRISTIAN. However, in order to enable the latter to better understand the activities carried out in the said Center, the Reverend Sister General Director has first of all wanted him to become immersed in the work done upstream.

To this end, the General Coordinator focused her presentation on the summary presentation of the education / sensitization activities against STI / HIV / AIDS and the supervision component of OVCa in institutions and communities. Having said that, she later focused on the various activities of Nkoa-Abang’s Center for the Promotion of Socio-Economic Activities (CPSEA), which aim to empower young people by setting up activities such as, livestock , fish farming and agriculture. In this respect, during CHRISTIAN’s descent to CPSEA, he visited the pigsty, the fry pond, the mushroom hut, the fish ponds and the class room. In discussing with young people, several problems were noted, notably:

  • The development of dikes;
  • Need a fish farming expert to better understand fry culture and excess mud in ponds;
  • Development of an access road to the site;
  • The development of a natural source;
  • Strengthening security with a pen around the site.

After these exchanges, Mr. CHRISTIAN promised to report to his superiors so that they can seize the aforementioned problems.