The commitment of “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir” in the socioprofessional insertion of the orphans of AIDS and vulnerable children (OVCa) took an important step this 30 September 2014 in Bikok. On the occasion of the extraordinary session of the municipal council of Bikok commune, “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir”(CAES) were invited within the framework of the finalization of the framework agreement of partnership between the two structures. For the occasion, the Reverend Sister General Manager Marie Brigit Thérèse Mewoulou was accompanied by her close associates including Mr. Ayissi Modo Sylvestre consultant, Ms. Ebanda Virginie general coordinator and the communication technical team.

From 11 o’clock the city council presided by the mayor assisted by the Prefect of Mefou and Akono and the sub-prefect of the district of Bikok and the college of municipal councilors started. After evacuation of the items on the board’s agenda, the floor was given to the Reverend Sister Director where she presented the CAES. Follow-up of the presentation of the different aspects of the activities carried out by the CAES by Mr Ayissi Modo Sylvestre. And finally, the general coordinator presented not only the Center for the Promotion of Socioeconomic Activities (CPSEA) of Nkoabang but also the project: “Training / insertion of young OVCa in agro-silvo-pastoral professions” .At the end of the strong intervention This uplifting message, which the audience followed with great interest and enthusiasm, was greeted with applause.

The municipal executive has magnified the merits of this initiative, which will allow many young people in their municipality to give themselves effective and efficient weapons to fight against unemployment and to face the job market. But beyond, the Mayor of Bikok, welcomed the actions carried out by the CAES by what they pay particular attention to the socio-professional insertion of the young people. Subsequently, she urged all stakeholders to take all necessary steps to ensure the success of this project o how important. She hoped that initiatives of this magnitude would be multiplied. She also urged CAES to recruit 20 young people instead of 10 in her commune.

Rich and dense, so we can describe this memorable ceremony. It is right that the councilors deliberate and validate the draft partnership agreement for both parties to sign in the next few days.