The Darou sallam association received on Sunday, September 28, 2014 from the Centers of Reception of the Hope financial assistance granted to five (05) orphans needy, with the aim of an effective community support for the account of the 2014-2015 school year.

The ceremony took place at the headquarters of the association located in the Briqueterie district in the presence of the General Coordinator, a specialized Educator, members of the Stop AIDS team, the founder of the Darou Sallam association, her husband, from the block leader of the coal market sector brickworks, Koranic school teachers, members of the association, parents / guardians and orphans beneficiaries.

In making this presentation, the general coordinator Mrs. Virginie EBANDA reminded that this donation is one of the results of the collaborative partnership established between the CAES and the Darou Sallam association set up for 2 years as part of the process of education / awareness. This financial assistance, she said evaluated at two hundred and fifty (250000FCFA) will allow the purchase of a large batch of school supplies. What give smile to these mothers and grandmothers general widows and young orphans especially at the beginning of the school year.

Very moved, the founder of the Darou Sallam association, Ms. Hadjidja SALIOUM said that this donation will undoubtedly substantially improve the education of these children who became orphans very early. Because of her dynamism and openness, she did not fail to thank on the one hand her husband who has supported since the creation of this association. On the other hand, she expressed her feelings for the CAES for this heartfelt commitment to their community and the efforts that are being made for the education and sensitization of the Muslim woman on STIs / HIV / AIDS and the promotion of PMTCT. The general assembly present at this ceremony also showed great joy. It is part of a prayer of exhortation and blessing for the CAES actors that this ceremony has ended.