The Efoulan Temporary Home Center (ETHC) in Yaounde has taken on these attributes of solemn circumstances in a festive setting with a full-fledged management team to offer hospitality to its prestigious guests. Indeed, the evaluation tour of the functioning and technical interventions of private social works in Cameroon allowed Mrs. Pauline Irene NGUENE Minister of Social Affairs, made a memorable and historic visit to this structure specialized in the management of AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children. It is exactly the same décor of warmth and fervor that welcomes the Minister of Social Affairs to the secular arm, “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir” (CAES).
Among the major features of this visit, mention should be made of the delivery of a large amount of food and other products to the 52 residents of the center. The day of February 28, 2017 is stamped with a white stele for the Reverend Sister Marie Thérèse Brigit MEWOULOU Founder and General Manager of “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir” (CAES), which considers the visit of the governmental tutelage, as the recognition , better the anointing of the public authorities on its NGO which made the fight against AIDS and the human suffering its warhorse; which has earned him honors and strong national and international recognition. It was by a family photo around the Minister that the visit was closed.