Lady Ponce an emblematic artist, national and international icon has just demonstrated her immense generosity and her strong sensitivity in favor of the small boarders of the Efoulan Temporary Home Center (ETHC). This visit, many times scheduled and many times postponed, is finally held on March 11, 2017. The Diva came so illustrated the largesse of his heart by giving a smile to the 52 vulnerable children supported by “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir”(CAES).
The bulk of the gifts were mainly high-value products, which were essential for the care and maintenance of the residents. An action of profound generosity that alleviates the suffering of a social category, and relieves the efforts of those responsible for a humanitarian structure that honestly struggles to bear such heavy charges, and who will always need external inputs, whatever their nature to continue effectively his charitable work.
The Reverend Sister, General Manager Marie Thérèse Brigit MEWOULOU and her collaborators, have not hidden their relief from this gesture of extreme sensitivity that gives a new breath to an activity initiated for 28 years, and exposed every day to a risk real breathlessness. Totally moved by tears, but soaked in joy, the children and the management team sent their sincere gratitude to the artist, whom they hope to see again at any time, but above all whom they hope to see the gesture so profoundly imitated by other benefactors. A family photo marked the end of this visit.