After a week of youth-rich activities such as sports, human investment, and educational talks on the theme of the 53rd edition of the National Youth Day, CATE OVC finally celebrated, on February 11, carousel “YOUPI kingdom of children”.

Monday, February 11, 2019 the 53rd Edition of the National Day of Youth, placed on the theme “Youth great opportunities and participation in the construction of a Cameroon in peace, stable and emerging”, left indifferent war the residents CATE. Indeed, despite the non-selection of their school to take part in the parade, our residents were invited by Mrs. NSIN Aurèlie of French nationality, at the inauguration of his carousel “YOUPI the kingdom of children” located in the Bastos district.

At the end, when it was 8:45 am, they were transported to their destination by a public transport bus, and welcomed by the host at 9 am sharp. After presentation of the place and the program of the day, the site still in full development was opened without further delay. Thus, they played at any wind on all the devices present: jumpers, inflated stadiums, slides, spinning top, billiard, foosball, and board games. It was a day filled with emotions from these young people, and stress for the framers who ran on both sides acting as guardrails.

After more than 3 hours of games, the residents enjoyed a cocktail of juices and cakes, marking the apotheosis of the party and unfortunately the end of the games. Of the 55 children present at this ride, 45 immediately returned to the center. 10 of them were selected by their cultural leader ” Mr. BENGOULA SHOW ”, to animate the official opening ceremony held at 15:00 this 11/02/2019 in the presence of several guests and other onlookers. Thus, this last wave of residents returned to the CATE at 17:00 with two of their supervisors, with a feeling of immense joy and total satisfaction.