In the perspective of sharing their experiences and making their activities more attractive, the Hope Centers of CAES Yaounde and its 52 residents took part in the first edition of the day of meeting and sharing with the Private Social Works (OSP) of the Central Region, held on Sunday March 26th at the Zalom Fraternity School, in the department of Mefou-Afamba.
The objectives of the Circle of Friends for Solidarity (CERAS) main organizer of this meeting are: the strengthening of relations of these structures of a social nature, social cohesion through the promotion of partnership, the strengthening of specificities and the development of young people through attractive games.
These games included football, dances and many others. The residents of the Centers of Reception of Hope nevertheless won the 3rd prize of the best dancers facing the youth of the other invited structures.
Beyond the attractions reserved for the various residents by the CERAS, the prospect of setting up a network with the other centers of the Social Works was discussed and debated.
The promoters of this initiative fed their ambitions to modernize it, through an opening to other organizations of social works.
It was through the popular festivities that the activities of the 1st edition of the meeting day with the private social services (PSO) of the Central Region were completed;
The appointment for the second meeting was fixed at a later date.