The days of January 16th, February 23rd and March 15th of the year of grace 2017 were marked by events large scale in some institutions in charge of the training of trainers.
These are ceremonial ceremonies of parchment to the winners of the 2016 promotion of the Normal School of Teachers of Technical Education (ENIET) of Soa, to that of the Ecole Normale des Instituteurs de l’Enseignement Général ( ENIEG) of Mbalmayo, including that of the Normal School of Teachers of General Education (ENIEG) of Mfou.
Among the recipients were three (03) young AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) classified under the social and psychoaffective framework of the Centers of Reception of Hope (CAES).
It should be noted with relevance that the conduct of the ceremonies in question, their conception, and their material organization were marked by major innovations. The most remarkable being the choice of the respective site of each institution to serve as a framework for the event. Each time we could rejoice in the presence of a parterre of high personalities came up the solemnity of these events.
To these young finished products now on the ground of the pedagogic practice a string of recommendations were ginned. Among other things, be clairvoyant, enterprising and dynamic men and women. For in reality, they will have acquired training only pure science, yet the parchment obtained by hard struggle contributes significantly to activate their consciousness and to put it in the state of permanent awakening. Consequently, they will have to keep in mind this essential constraint which calls them to radically turn their backs on the facility, and to seek in a systematic way the full development of the children so the supervision will be entrusted to them. For their part, the laureates, all happy with this preservation, rejoiced at their integration into the privilege of the nation’s builders, artists of culture seeding and blacksmiths of conscience. They declared themselves determined to put into practice the theories and all the pedagogical and didactic knowledge acquired during their training even if, obviously, the anxiety of the next day seemed to envelop their statements.
In connection with this, they made complaints to the competent authorities so that their future integration would not be considered a mere illusion.
The elements of the cuvée out of CAES namely: (WAGUIA KAMDEM Roosvelt of ENIET, BIBI MENE Ghislaine and METOUGA MEWOLE Léonie of ENIEG) had the privilege to receive their parchment from the hands of some prestigious personalities. Alluring interludes helped to enhance the festive side of the ceremony, each of which ended with photo shoots. The family of the mentors of the Centers of Reception of the Hope, sends its warm congratulations to the students who braved their examinations of end of training with the passable mention.