The actions of the NGO “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir” (CAES) for socio-professional integration and the empowerment of Orphans and Vulnerable Children AIDS (OVCa) continue to bear fruit. Four orphans supervised in this illustrious association are so far able to support themselves and support their little brothers who are in need. These are OVCa, MBESSE MVILON Cyril, ANDELA BANA J., FANTA RITA and MFEUGUE Fridolin; who came out on October 10, 2012 in the teacher training colleges ofGeneral Education Teachers (ENIEG) for the first three and 20 October 2012 at “Ecole Normale Supérieure” of Yaounde (ENSY) for the fourth. Like any child proud to have succeeded, they wanted to come and present their diplomas to the Reverend Sister General Director and to express their gratitude to the association, which never spared any effort to make them men tomorrow. The Reverend Sister, speaking to them, thanked them for having kept to the very end and for bringing to the top of the nation the actions of the CAES. In addition, she will advise them in a maternal tone to continue to fight against HIV / AIDS and STIs and never fail to help vulnerable people. It is the taking of a family photo that will sound the death knell of these moments of satisfaction of the CAES with his children.