The readability of the activities carried out by the CAES and the relevance of its action against the AIDS pandemic have earned its Director General, the Reverend Sister Marie Thérèse Brigit MEWOULOU, one of the most prestigious honors awarded by the State of Cameroon. to its worthy citizens. It should be noted that this is added to its previous national and international distinctions namely: Knight of the order of the Cameroonian and French value. In fact, at the 41st National Unity Celebration, celebrated on May 20, 2013, the CAES Director General was honored by the President of the Republic of Cameroon, who raised her at the rank of officer of the value order. This honorary award was presented to him by the Governor of the Central Region, Mr. Moses EYENE LOM during a colorful and emotional ceremony at the Esplanade of Yaoundé City Hall.

It is at 12 o’clock that the first recipients walk on the esplanade of the city hall of Yaoundé. Behind them, the large families, the friends who came to support them. On one side or the other, one could notice this permanent smile, a sign of the jubilation that would follow. Around Sister Marie Thérèse Brigit MEWOULOU, a strong mobilization of her collaborators.

The setting up is complete, it is at 15 hours that the Governor makes his appearance. He immediately proceeded to the review of the troops and the execution of the national anthem. All the actors in place, the awards ceremony has begun. The last stage consisted of the delivery of the bouquet of flowers and photo shoots.