Révérende Sœur MEWOULOUFriday, October 12, 2012 at 9:00 was held at the Efoulan Temporary Home Center, the launching ceremony of the activities of Education / Sensitization on the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV, the ceremony was chaired by the Sub-Prefect of the District of Yaounde III.

In her words of welcome, the Reverend Sister was keen to point out that the association called “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir” was legalized on April 18, 1995. It is the first in Cameroon to obtain the status of NGO in 2003. She has also benefited from the special consultative status of the Economic and Special Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) since 2009. In this respect, she recalled, sensitive to the misery aggravated by the AIDS pandemic that rubs shoulders with the daily Cameroonians in general and vulnerable populations in particular, our permanent concern is to alleviate their suffering by ensuring the supervision and social reintegration and socio-occupational integration of Orphans and Vulnerable Children of AIDS(OVCa).

Continuing her presentation, she presented the arduous work of the Community Educators and expressed her gratitude to the various targets which, thanks to them, contribute to the actual realization of the work carried out in the field by the CAES NGO Awareness Teams. . She urged stakeholders to mobilize to block the path to Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV for a prosperous Cameroon.

Speaking, in turn, the Deputy Prefect reminded us of the important and complementary role that civil society plays alongside the public authorities through the various actions carried out by “Les Centres d’Accueil de l’Espoir”. It therefore urges private social work in general and the NGO CAES in particular to take the lead in public policy and guidance on the prevention of STIs / HIV / AIDS and opportunistic diseases related to HIV / AIDS. HIV / AIDS. In conclusion, he calls on all to make a real effort to raise awareness and social mobilization for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV in order to generate awareness and to generate active commitment to HIV prevention. achievement of the goals of the elimination plan and the mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

The Coordinator of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit in her presentation presented the activity report and the action plan for 2012-2016. With regard to the activities report for the period 2002 – 2011, it is visible through the results available to the CAES and is as follows:

  1. On the Education / Awareness component:
  • 4,249 community conversations held,
  • 44,486 people mobilized and sensitized,
  • 7 districts of Yaoundé and 3 of the surrounding areas are covered, ie a total of 10 districts for 15 community educators divided into 5 groups of 3 persons;
  • 22 campaigns for posting educational messages,
  • production of educational and teaching materials specific to the NGO.
  1. In terms of target support (socio-economic support):
    • 142 families accompanied and installed by the CAES
  2. On the capacity building side:
  • Initial formation of 15 Community Educators in 2002: anatomy and physiology; STI / HIV / AIDS; in communication and data collection; pedagogy, management and accounting.
  • Training of 15 Community Conversation Educators in 2004
  • Training of Specialized Educators in OVC Supervision and Management in 2005
  • Training in Community Animation Technique in 2006
  • Community History Design Training in 2006
  • Training on opportunistic diseases related to HIV / AIDS in 2007
  • Training in participatory approach technique in 2009
  • Family Planning Training in 2009
  • Recycling on STIs in 2009
  • Recycling on the Community Conversation
  • Family planning recycling in 2010
  • Recycling in Participatory Community Approaches and Interpersonal and Group Communication in HIV / AIDS Situations (in 2012)
  • Training on Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT);
  • Training in audiovisual techniques.

Given the epidemiological situation characterized in particular by the ever-increasing mortality rate of women and children and despite the difficulty of reading the impact of our actions in the health facilities and the difficult access to the relative data on the the current state of HIV / AIDS, the next five years program on PMTCT provides for the logical framework: 30,150 community conversations, 10 poster campaigns, 12,500 mobilized people, 50 associations grouped together and built especially women and young people on PMTCT.

After this intervention, the education / awareness activities were the subject of a video projection. It presented in detail the different tasks assigned to CAES Community Educators.

To close a guided tour at the photo exhibition stand accompanied by the distribution of flyers and a cocktail marked the end of the ceremony.