OVC holidays departure

Nine months after an intense school work and a life in an institution, place is made initially on holiday

residents of the “Centres d’Accueil Temporaire d’Efoulan” ‘’CATE’’this Saturday, June 16, 2018 marking the day of the African child.

June 16, the date marking the celebration of the African child and the departure on vacation of the residents held the closing of the 2017-2018 school year.
Indeed it is in an atmosphere of both festivity and work that the management team proceeded to vacation its residents. Two major joints on the menu on this exceptional day: first viewing the documentary on the genesis of the celebration of the day of the African child, then a recreational morning. Two weeks were submitted to the children after the examination of the 6th sequence so that the group of children finish the preparations for the departure on vacation. During these preparations, the books were handed over to the educators, the personal belongings were stored neatly and the last interviews with the framers were held.
It is therefore at 08 hours precise that the first parents followed by the cameraman enter the center. We can then really read the joy on the faces of these young people who wear their party clothes after preparing their bags. The activities planned for the day start at 8:30 am when the 49 boarders accompanied by the educators and the socio-cultural animator join the toy library located in the building ” B ” of CATE for the announcement of the first phase of the program, dedicated to viewing Soweto’s documentary. It is thus all excited and enthusiastic, the eyes fixed attentively on the giant screen that the young people follow the documentary which will thus allow them to understand the origin of this celebration of June 16th as day of the African child.
The second phase focused on the recreational morning was a moment of pure madness and intense happiness. The dances, theatrical performances as well as the fashion show cleverly presented by the residents were a perfect treat for the audience.
The distribution of the prizes in order of merit followed by a family meal will therefore close this colorful day. All happy, children can go home for the holidays after a discharge previously made by parents, to see us at the next school year.