An European trainee at the Centers

 Katharina Scior , trainee of German nationality, aged 24, stayed throughout the month of June 2018 at the Centers of Reception of Hope located in the NSIMEYONG district in Yaounde, capital of Cameroon. She worked in turn in each of the three (03) activities of the association , the orphans of AIDS and other Vulnerable Children (OVC), Education / Awareness and Center for Promotion of Socio-Economic Activities (CEPASE). The purpose of this working visit was to understand the work of these different operational units in order to gain professional experience and eventually create a structure working in the social field.

At the level of the Education / Awareness Unit where she stayed from 18 to 25 June 2018, it was built on the main activities. In addition to this aspect, the trainee had discussions with the leaders of the coordinating unit, the community educators and was able to observe the holding of community conversations in associations and health facilities with pregnant women in prenatal consultations and those who come in the setting of vaccinations with their offspring.

At the end of these raids on the field, she touched the day-to-day realities of poor communities and the tremendous work of the Centers of Reception of Hope which do not spare any effort for the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the target populations.

Yaounde June 26, 2018